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Catching Kalen (Diamond Dreams) by Maya Nicole and Britt Andrews

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Students/Teachers/Professors / Age Gap / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Barb on 16-June-2021

Book Blurb

The call never came.

So, I did what any major league hopeful reject would do: I went to the bar to escape my reality.


When I locked gazes with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes, I knew the night was going to be anything but normal.


Especially since I’d never been with a man.


One night of passion left me questioning everything. It was supposed to be a random hookup but when I walked into my summer school course there he was, standing at the front of the room.


My professor.

Will Monroe catch me, or will he strike out?



Catching Kalen is a contemporary standalone full-length gay romance. Contains adult situations and language. There are brief scenes and references to parental/spousal physical and emotional abuse.

A small portion of this novel was previously featured in the Lookin’ for Mr. Right anthology.


Book Review

‘Catching Kalen’ is a light read, with a more than average number of sex scenes, and an eight-year age gap between a college student and his professor. It’s told in two POVs so we get head time with both characters. Kalen has always been straight so… The sexual awakening trope is featured prominently along with the accompanying coming out worries and parental homophobia.


I have mixed feelings about the story. On the whole, I enjoyed the sexy times between Kalen and the hot older man who turns out to be his summer school professor. And I always enjoy the trope of a young man discovering that his sexuality isn’t as simple as he’d thought. Virgins and first MM sexual experiences? I’m in. All these were well done, perhaps a bit too often for my taste, but, nevertheless, most of their activities made sense within the storyline.


I did not like Kalen’s father. At all. And he featured prominently in the story, even when he was off page. He was too stereotypical of the controlling father who expects his son to succeed at all costs and goes so far as to constantly critique his actions. He could have been lifted from the pages of numerous other stories, i.e., there was nothing unique about his character. Kalen is a senior college baseball catcher who was not picked up by MLB teams after his junior year. His father treats him like a child and Kalen lets him, even when his father starts homophobic rants.


Early in the story, Kalen discovers he loves Monroe and Monroe loves him. A bit of insta-love here, but what’s one more trope? Together the men could be strong. After all, Monroe is thirty and Kalen is twenty-two, both adults. But no. Just when I was hoping for a positive outcome between the two men there’s a major hurdle thrown their way, and they fall apart until a disaster occurs that brings them back together.


After many more pages of drama, the two find their way back to their HEA. On the whole, there was nothing outstanding to make this story unique, but it’s a sweet contemporary MM romance that many readers will likely enjoy.





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Additional Information

Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 227 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-May-2021
Price $3.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback
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