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Just a Little Gamble (The Brotherhood 8) by Merry Farmer

Genre Gay / Historical / 19th Century / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Interracial / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 01-June-2021

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Everything that makes them opposites is what attracts them to each other…

Bad boy composer Samuel Percy is the talk of London…but only because high society cannot believe a black man could reach such prestigious heights in the artistic world. His quest to prove himself is complicated by his sister—known as The Black Widow—and her mischievous schemes. But family complications are only the beginning when Samuel falls for wide-eyed, innocent Cameron.

Country boy Cameron Oberlin is amazed by the world of London he now finds himself in. But what captivates him the most is Samuel’s power and charm. He doesn’t consider himself Samuel’s equal, and is surprised when the sophisticated composer takes an interest in him. The prospect of being the man’s lover is beyond anything he could have imagined.

But when Samuel and Cameron are paired together to chase after The Black Widow in an effort to reunite Blake Williamson with his son, the tables quickly turn. Cameron is given the chance to prove that he is much more than a beautiful simpleton. Samuel realizes the man’s true genius just in time for Cameron to come to his rescue. But is it too little too late, and will Blake’s son slip out of his grasp forever?


Book Review

“Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.” ~ Maya Angelou


After a scandalous incident in his hometown, Cameron Oberlin, of ‘Just a Little Gamble’ by Merry Farmer, is thrown out by his family. He escapes to London to make a new start. Fortunately, Cameron finds employment at the law office of John Dandie. Also, he becomes a member of the Brotherhood, an organization for men who like men. There he meets Samuel Percy, a black man who is a world-renowned composer. Cameron is instantly attracted to him but quickly dismisses the thought. Samuel is way out of his league.


Samuel has noticed the attractive young man but isn’t sure how to approach him. When they attend a concert featuring Samuel as the composer, he sees his chance. Samuel follows Cameron to the bathroom, comes in, and locks the door. He makes sexual advances that Cameron responds to at first, then abruptly asks Samuel to stop. Samuel doesn’t understand but certainly isn’t going to push Cameron into something he doesn’t want to do. When they leave the restroom, they spot someone who Samuel thinks is his sister. They pursue her because they want answers to why she kidnapped Ian Archibald.     


After a merry chase, they find that it’s not Samuel’s twin sister, aka the Black Widow, but her maid. Since they cannot get any information from her, they have to guess where Samuel’s sister is holding Ian. Since they are together and it is too late to go back to the concert, Samuel, once again, tries to seduce Cameron, but he explains that as tempting as the offer is, he feels that going ahead will be disrespecting himself. Cameron has decided that he is interested in a relationship, not a dalliance. He is sure that fidelity is not something Samuel either wants or can offer him. The next day, they meet again in John Dandie’s office. Samuel explains what they discovered the night before, including his suspicions about where Samantha, his sister, has taken Archibald. Finding Archibald will help solve the case of where Lord Selby’s wife and son are hiding. Unfortunately for Cameron, this throws him and Samuel back together, necessitating him to return to his home village, where he will be shunned and reviled.


Merry furthers her ‘Brotherhood’ series with a story about a fascinating opposites-attract couple while continuing the investigation concerning Lord Blake Selby getting his son back. Samuel and Cameron couldn’t be more different, but there is often little logic involved in affairs of the heart. Thanks, Merry, for a great story!




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 259 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-April-2021
Price $4.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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