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Like a Gentleman (Love in Portsmouth 1) by Eliot Grayson at Smoking Teacup Books

Genre Gay / Historical / Regency / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 12-November-2021

Book Blurb

His revenge couldn’t be more personal…or delicious…

When writer James Rowley discovers his editor has stolen his work, he has only one thought. Revenge. And he’s not above playing dirty (very, very dirty) to get it. By the time James is done toying with the man’s emotions—and body—he’ll be broken and humiliated. It’s the perfect plan…until he actually meets the damnably alluring thief in person, that is.

Leo Wells has spent years pining for the witty, talented man he only knew through letters. So when he finally meets the man of his dreams and discovers he’s a cold, callous rake, Leo’s more than a little disheartened. Too bad he’s also powerless to stay away from—or say no to—the disturbingly attractive James, even if it leads to his personal and professional ruination.

It’s not long before Leo learns there’s more to James than meets the eye, and James begins to wonder if his need for revenge is about to be surpassed by an even more powerful desire…


Book Review

James Rowley, of ‘Like a Gentleman’ by Elliot Grayson, sees a story he wrote published by a rival publisher and he is incensed. He isn’t satisfied to write the publisher to demand an explanation; he goes to the office to exact his revenge. The middle-aged, corpulent publisher he has imagined turns out to be a handsome young man.


James usually eschews high society’s expectations, doing whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t bring shame to his brother and family. But, in this case, he acts and dresses the part to intimidate the company’s editor that has wronged him.


Leo doesn’t know what to think of James. He has no idea what is wrong with James but wants to appease him, if possible. When James refuses to discuss the matter in Leo’s office, James demands that they meet at Leo’s. Leo has always kept his desire for other men a secret; he has never acted on his tendencies. When James seduces him, Leo gives in willingly, but afterward, James leads him to believe that the encounter was mediocre at best and there is no way he would be interested in seeing him again. Leo is crushed and falls into a deep depression.


Eventually, James receives a letter from the publishing company’s owner letting him know what happened with his manuscript. A clerk stole it and had it published with a rival publisher. He was fired, along with Leo, for not paying more attention. It mortifies James because of how he treated Leo and James is determined to find him and apologize.


‘Like a Gentleman’ is the first story in a new series. One of the life lessons is that revenge is not possible because whatever you do to get it always comes back to hurt you more. Thanks, Elliot, for bringing James and Leo together.




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Format ebook
Length Novella, 99 pages/28000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 04-November-2017
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