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Lost and Found by Z.A. Maxfield

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Erotic Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 03-June-2021

Book Blurb

Lost: one dog and two men in need of each other. Found: love.

RV resort security chief Ringo never believed in love at first sight . . . until he saw Gavin playing his sax on the beach for the tourists. But their on-again, off-again affair—even counting all the great makeup sex—doesn’t come close to the relationship he wants. All he really wants for Christmas is a commitment from Gavin.

Instead he discovers that Gavin has had surgery without telling him, so he lays down a relationship ultimatum while Gavin recuperates. Complicating matters even more, Gavin’s beloved dog Bird runs away, and Gavin blames Ringo for the disappearance.

While Ringo throws every resource he has into finding Bird, he learns deeper truths about Gavin—how hard it is for him to trust and how little faith he has in love. Maybe if Ringo can find Bird, he can salvage Gavin’s faith. Maybe this Christmas, they can all find each other.



First edition published by Riptide Publishing, December 2013.


Book Review

What can you do when the man you love has no comprehension of being cared for, or about, and pushes you away? When he resists all of your attempts to have a relationship and accuses you of smothering him? When he never asks for help? When he refuses to admit he enjoys being with you and wanting you around? When the instant he fears he might have opened a crack in his defenses, he lets loose with cruel and venomous statements designed to hurt and shred your heart? This is the struggle Ringo has with Gavin, and it takes Gavin's dog, Bird, to bring them back together.

Ringo misses Gavin. It's been a month since they officially parted ways, although sometimes alcohol will bring them back together for a night. No matter where Ringo is on the resort's property, Gavin's music will pull him in, and it almost seems as if what Gavin can't say with words, he does with his music. Ringo is a basic guy, not simple, who saw enough blood and death in his years in the Army and is happy now to head up security at a large RV resort on the coast. He's in love with Gavin, but Gavin is hiding behind walls ten feet high and four foot wide with iron rebar and, just in case, barbed wire strung along the top. Ringo would love for Gavin to admit, just once, that he wants Ringo around, that he likes having him around, and that he needs him.

On the day before Christmas Eve, Bird disappears from the dog run, while the intern whom Ringo was having exercise Bird while Gavin is hobbled after knee surgery, was dealing with an emergency. Gavin is frantic and explodes all over Ringo. "Get your useless ass out of here and go find my goddamn dog." Ringo makes the decision that he isn't going to allow this anymore, he's drawing the line in the sand, creating The New World Order. So, he makes sure Gavin understands that he can yell and scream all he wants, but if he ever lifts a hand in anger, Ringo is done and walking away, and Gavin better not try and test that unless he really, really wants Ringo gone. Of course, Ringo also lets him know that the way he speaks to Ringo isn't kosher either, just in case Gavin wasn't clear on that point. "Gavin needed a whole lot more than an understanding boyfriend. He needed anger management therapy--an arsenal of techniques he could use to calm the fuck down--for when he started getting overwhelmed, so he'd stop lashing out and running off at the mouth. So he'd stop trying to drive away the people who loved him."

I love that Ringo takes Gavin to his mom's for Christmas Eve dinner and midnight mass. Ringo has an enormous Hispanic family and what better way to introduce Gavin? Sink or swim, baby. I loved that everyone worked so hard to find Bird, and that he came back on his own. Of course, by then, Gavin had blown his top and got evicted from the resort by a corporate big wig who was there for the holidays. I loved, loved, loved it that Gavin came back to Ringo for him, not even knowing Ringo had found Bird, and that finally Gavin opened up a little about his trust issues and he agreed to see a counselor for his anger problems.

I thought this was a beautiful Christmas miracle story and one I can most definitely re-read. Thank you, ZAM, for bringing home to me the importance of patience, trust, and love.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 148 pages
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Publication Date 08-December-2019
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