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The List (Second Chances 1) by Felice Stevens)

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Law Enforcement / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 15-July-2021

Book Blurb

Oops. He did it again.
Elliot Hansen has a terrible habit of falling in love with every man he dates.
His friends have had enough and make a list of Elliot’s perfect man.
That V…
Those abs....
Shouldn’t a boyfriend be more than the sum of his parts?
But when sexy detective Winston Rogers bursts into his bedroom to arrest a burglar, Elliot knows he wouldn’t mind checking one or two things off that list with him.

What if you had it all?
Five years after the death of his husband, Winston Rogers is single and determined to stay that way.
He throws himself into his job—the more dangerous the assignment, the better.
He can’t face another risk to his heart.
But then a routine arrest in his neighbor’s bedroom leaves Win searching for more than evidence as the man’s sweet smile and vulnerable eyes strike a chord inside him Win had thought gone forever.

Why not enjoy each other with no strings attached? Win and Elliot decide to make their own list.
Rule #1: Strictly friends with benefits.
Rule #2: No doing anything stupid like falling in love.
Rule #3....
See Elliot and Win ignore Rules #1 and #2.


Book Review

“Check your life. Not boxes.” ~ Richie Norton


Eliot, of ‘The List’ by Felice Stevens, isn’t sure what to think of the list his friends made for him about what he wants in the perfect man, but after repeated romantic failures, he’s willing to try just about anything.


Almost every time Eliot enters a relationship, he falls in love. Predictably, it ends in disaster, with Eliot being taken advantage of and left broken-hearted. After his last failed attempt, his friends have had enough. They tell him he is picking the wrong men and help him write a list that will direct him to a man who will better suit his needs. Also, they advise him to have some fun and not be so serious. Eliot is not convinced this advice or the list will help, but he takes the list home to take it under advisement. Eliot considers most of the suggestions to be ridiculous but admits that some have merit. He sets it on his dresser and goes to sleep. Eliot wakes up when someone shouts: “Freeze!” It terrifies him until he realizes that the voice is a police officer stopping him from being robbed. After he calms down, Eliot learns that the law enforcement officer is his next-door neighbor, Detective Winston Rogers (Win).


At first, Win is rough with Eliot for having a broken window lock that left him vulnerable, but after speaking with Eliot for a while, he tempers his tone. When he realizes Eliot doesn’t know how to repair the lock, he takes him to the hardware store, gets the stuff he needs, and fixes it for him. It surprises Win, but Eliot brings out his protective nature. After his husband died, Win swore he would never again put himself into a position to be hurt by loving and losing someone, but soon, Eliot gets under his skin. Win wants to spend more time with Eliot.


Win and Eliot decide to have a no-strings-attached arrangement that is “doomed” from the start. They are not dating; they are only engaging in sexual satisfaction. So why does it feel like they are doing so much more than having sex? Why is Win taking Eliot on picnics and to dinner? It might have something to do with the fact that they are lying to themselves about how they truly feel. Finally, Win tells Eliot that he wants more from their relationship. Just when Eliot trusts his feelings for Win, inexplicably, Win ghosts him. Broken-hearted, Eliot turns to his friends, who try hard not to tell him: “I told you so.”


Win and Eliot are complex characters with a lot of baggage. Understanding only goes so far. I was sad for Eliot and angry at Win for causing him pain. He should have been honest about his issues from the beginning. Eliot was a loving, compassionate person. If Win had told him about his deceased husband, Eliot would have been in a better position to deal with Win’s hesitancy, rather than having it hurt him so much. Fortunately, they could sort it out. Thanks, Felice, for another happy ending.




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 275 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-June-2021
Price $4.99 ebook, $13.99 paperback
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