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The Stolen Suitor (Clyde's Corner 2) by Eli Easton

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 15-July-2021

Book Blurb

His future was set until a thief stole his heart.

All of Clyde’s Corner, Montana, knows local dandy Chris Ramsey will marry Trix Stubben, young widow and heir to the richest ranch in the area. But one woman isn’t too keen on the idea. Mabe Crassen wants to get her hands on that ranch, so she sets her older son to court Trix, and her younger son, Jeremy, to distract Chris and lure him astray.


Jeremy Crassen thinks his mother’s scheme is crazy. But he wants desperately to go off to college, which Mabe will agree to—if he seduces Chris. How will shy, virginal, secretly gay Jeremy attract Chris, who seems determined to do the right thing and marry Trix? Jeremy can’t compete with a rich female widow. Or can he?



First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, February 2016.


Book Review

Talk about a complicated situation with multiple romantic entanglements. I mean, the title already made me suspect this wouldn’t be a straightforward story, but the reality was a lot more fun than I expected. This soap-opera-like emotional drama is set in Montana, in my mind not known for being the most exciting state out there in terms of city-based entertainment, but blessed with beautiful mountains and great opportunities for outdoor activities. Add quite a few cowboys and a variety of really likable small-town characters, and I was happy to sit back, rub my hands in anticipatory glee, and get stuck right in. From the opening scene that had me laugh out loud at Mabe Crassen’s crafty scheming, to Jeremy’s endearing attempts to be “slick and sophisticated” so he can trap Chris, to Chris’s determination to do “the right thing” – or what he perceived to be right – it quickly became clear to me that all these people had a thing or two to learn. And I had a front-row seat!

Jeremy is shy, secretly gay, and wants to be a writer. He also wants to go to college, but unless he helps his mother with her crazy scheme, he doesn’t think he’ll ever make it out of Clyde’s Corner. Not that he minds seducing Chris, but he has no experience and no clue how to go about it. So he does what any author might come up with – he channels one of his characters and approaches Chris that way. Not that it helps, and he can’t keep up the act long enough to truly impress Chris, but it opens the door to getting to know each other. Only, even if Chris is interested in him, how is that ever going to work with what Jeremy knows he has to do – go to college?

Chris has always been known as a dandy, and he is proud of his appearance. But he is also a loyal friend and determined to do the right thing, so when his father breaks a leg, he returns to Clyde’s Corner to help out. And then there is his best friend’s widow, Trix – and Chris has convinced himself he needs to take care of her and her little girl. But when Jeremy approaches him, and Chris begins to see him for the quiet, underestimated man he is, Chris has more than one question about what the right thing really is.
Jeremy and Chris have a lot to deal with: their pasts, their different goals, whether or not to come out, the list goes on. But then there is also Jeremy’s brother whose “mission” it is to seduce and marry Trix so Mabe can become more “respectable” by association. There is Trix herself who is still grieving and not at all sure it is time to move on even a year after her husband’s death. As for Mabe and her scheme to have Eric marry into a rancher’s family – she has a surprise coming her way as well. All these threads and relationships combine to make a wonderful story that is much more than Chris and Jeremy’s romance. Caught between occasional laughter, amusement, and the odd tear, I was delighted to get to know these people and relieved about the way it all worked out in the end.

If you like complicated romances and the kind of convoluted, entangled relationships present in many small towns, if you like reading about two men who think they know what they want only to find out they may have been wrong, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read full of emotional moments and more than one surprising revelation, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 270 pages/67799 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 13-July-2021
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