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Wisdom's Allegiance (The Shifter Chronicles 13) by M.D. Grimm

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Interspecies / Menage MMM / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 12-October-2021

Book Blurb

Can a loyal and sensual owl shifter couple woo a human mate who’s convinced he’s an ugly duckling?

When socially awkward Dexter Fortis rescues an elf owl blown off course by a storm, he has no idea the bird is a shifter named Orion. Or that his life is about to change.

Orion falls in love with the kind custodian, but he must convince his long-term partner, Talon, that Dexter is just who they’ve been searching for to establish a permanent ménage. Even if they can gently break down Dexter’s walls, they’ll have to contend with a dangerous cult rising in the shifter community and a hidden enemy determined to keep Dexter from them.



First edition published by Dreamspinner Press, May 2019. This edition has revised text.


Book Review

Two mated shifters, a human who knows nothing about their world, and more than one group out to end their burgeoning threesome is the plot behind this thirteenth book in a series I’ve found quite exciting. When I last visited this world, the Knights had been disbanded (although independent factions still exist fighting to eliminate shifters), the Agency is overworked and understaffed to handle everything that’s being thrown at them, and a new contingent within shifters is rising. It’s one that emphasizes “purity” above all else – and they want to eliminate all humans who know of them and the Agency as they don’t trust it. Merlin has returned to fight the evil he vanquished once, while Arcas appears to have gone into hiding. I can’t stress enough the importance of reading these books in order as each one builds upon the last plus the history and backstories of all the characters.

Talon is a great horned owl and his mate, Orion, is an elf owl. They are not true mates and have always recognized they need a third to balance them out as Orion is bouncy, bubbly, extroverted, huggy-touchy, and sensitive, while Talon is reserved, blunt, dislikes PDAs, a scientist, and has to truly work at not coming across as an a**hole. Orion stumbles upon Dexter while in his owl shape, lost in a storm, and Dexter takes him home and cares for him. As soon as Orion gets away, he runs home to Talon to tell him all about the cuddle-bear he thinks is their third. One thing leads to another, Talon and Orion make their interest known, and suddenly the three are dating.

“Dexter realized, with a pounding heart, the hoot was a call for his mate. He’d been around owls long enough at the raptor center to recognize the pattern, one long drawn-out one followed by two shorter hoots, and the look in Talon’s large eyes confirmed it. Talon hooted again, and Orion added a mewling chuckle, his own call to his mate. They were calling him, trusting him.”

‘Wisdom’s Allegiance’ is a wonderful addition to the series, although I had hoped for more forward progress in defeating Arcas. The love story is very sweet and it was beautiful to see Dexter begin to understand his own worth with the love of Orion and Talon to guide him. The bad elements, so to speak, were very predictable but the author handled it fairly well. I don’t know where the author will be taking this world but I’m certainly looking forward to the journey.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 223 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 12-October-2021
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