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A.M. Burns began writing many years ago, back in high school. He’s always been drawn to fantasy worlds and enjoyed the works of authors like Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mercedes Lackey, Robert Aspirin and Anne Rice. When urban fantasy came around he found something he could really sink his teeth into. After many years of reading books with few or no gay characters, he realized there might be a market for such things. Trapped in various corporate jobs he turned to writing in his spare time to keep his mind open. After finishing several books he found an agent interested in representing him. While the agent worked toward selling his novel, A.M. started selling short stories to various anthologies. After the agency went the way so many have the past few years, A.M. found Mystichawker Press as a publisher for his books.

At current A.M. is working on three series.

The Yellow Sky series, which currently consists of one novel “Blood Moon, Yellow Sky,” two novellas and several short stories, tells the story of Tal O’Duirwood and his lover Alex Carlson. Tal is a dragon and Alex is a human mage. Their love is epic. They have a very interesting supporting cast and history. The second book “Dark Stars of Dallas” is due out this fall and the third book “Techtown Terror” will be out spring 2013.


The E.S. Peters Investigation series, follows the adventures of magical private investigator Ethan Samuel Peters and his werewolf lover Dusty as they explore the magical world of Dallas, Texas solving murders, thefts and other problems that arise to complicate their lives and pay the bills. The first book is “Perfect Love” and the second is “Perfect Trouble”. The third book “Perfect Aim” should be out this fall. There are also a couple of short stories.
The Adventures of Alchemy Pond is a high fantasy/steam punk series that tell the tales of a young elfin mage and his warrior friend as they take on the diabolical forces of gnome kind while trying to make the world safe for nature. The first book “Dr. Gnome” is out. So far, one short story has been published in the series

Along with the series published by Mystichawker Press A.M.’s work has appeared in several anthologies.

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