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JACE (Summerset Shore University 1) by N. Boeyer

Genre Gay / Bisexual / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Athletes/Coaches / Students/Teachers/Professors / New Adult / Romance
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 07-February-2024

Book Blurb


Tyler, a calm and gentle soul, is set out for great things both on and off the field. As the star quarterback of Summerset Shore University’s esteemed football team, he is NFL-bound. With the perfect girlfriend by his side and a tight-knit group of friends who share his love for the game, Tyler is set for a life of success and fulfillment.

Until a new voice speaks up.


Jace, an enigmatic exchange student from Amsterdam, arrives at SSU with a bang, quickly making a name for himself as the new lead singer of the university’s favorite band.

But there’s one thing that he didn’t have in Europe and hopes to find here.

A family. A place to call home. Deep down he carries a profound sense of loneliness, yearning to discover a place to call his own.

While Tyler King would rather be enjoying life quietly from the sidelines, Jace Janssen is drawn to the spotlight like a moth to a flame. Their paths, destined to intertwine, will take them on a journey that they never saw coming.

Jace wants something he doesn't dare to hope for, while Tyler hopes for something he doesn't even know he wants.

JACE is the first book in a full-length MM trilogy romance and tells the story of a bi-awakening. It’s a strangers-to-friends-to-lovers, medium-burn, high-steam sports and rock star romance.

If you love banter, don’t mind the occasional duck wandering around in the story, and are a sucker for long love stories revolving around the same couple—including shenanigans from their loving, idiotic friends—then don’t hesitate to pick this up!


Book Review

‘JACE’ begins with a straight pickup event, though it immediately becomes clear that Jace, a new lead singer in a college band, is bisexual. He promptly meets the college’s star quarterback and gay bells start to ring. Jace is used to meaningless sexual encounters which often lead to bad choices, but with naivete he wonders whether hookups can have a deeper meaning! Then he gets to know Tyler King.


The writing about college-age characters is often clever and appropriate to their assigned milieu. Example: Friend Ava: “I get that flirting is your way of communicating, but honey, can’t you start a conversation without them ending up practicing their kegels on your stick?”


The author successfully presents characters at the cusp of adulthood, struggling with the problems of age, college, and making choices for grown-up life. Sex is important, and nicely depicted, but it always seems to border on involvement with mature emotional relationships. And those are affected by past adolescent issues to which we are introduced. Not surprising, a proposed three-way between Tyler, his girlfriend, and Jace is a turning point in their history.


The author has also provided a nicely mixed background: one hero is from Holland, one has a mostly rural background. Their interests – professional music and pro sports – are a challenging but not insurmountable contrast.


The writing style is captivating – with realistic characters and expected problems. They deal with these and allow them to make changes in how they are with each other. Even the sex developing between Tyler and Jace is a step transaction and not just a one-off. They easily start planning an enigmatic future for them, together.


And the one-handed reader will not be disappointed. Our heroes’ initial coupling is beyond a bare “find ‘em and fu*k ‘em” of standard porn. Consider Tyler’s inner voice – “It’s the first time I’m touching another guy’s junk, and I swear unicorns are farting glitter everywhere.” Connections are never ignored! Dare they think about love?


My reviews frequently employ quotes for authorial support of my opinions. So – here is Jace talking about love and loving: “Sleeping together is the best fucking thing ever, and I don’t even mean sex, no. I mean actual sleeping. Being wrapped up by him the whole night and then waking up to have those dimples popping at me?”


Read ‘JACE’ for a story about real people and real life – and enjoy the hell out if it!




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 422 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 06-February-2024
Price $2.99 ebook, $15.99 paperback
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