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Tempeh For Two (Real Werewolves Don't Eat Meat 5) by Karenna Colcroft at Vegan Wolf Productions

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 17-January-2024

Book Blurb

Tobias Rogan never wanted to be a leader. But in the past several months, he’s gone from a quiet life as Alpha of the smallest pack in the United States to ruling the entire Northeast Region. With his mate, Kyle Slidell, by his side, Tobias is adjusting to his new normal.

But now, with the future of the entire werewolf world at stake, Tobias must step further out of his comfort zone. The Anax, ruler of all werewolves in the United States, is no longer competent to rule. Only Tobias is dominant enough to defeat the Anax. And when Kyle’s life hangs in the balance, Tobias must choose: Challenge the Anax to claim the rank, or allow the Anax to declare war.



Warning: This book includes references to past child abuse and sexual assault, depictions of PTSD, and homophobia from minor characters.

First edition published at MLR Press, April 2014. This edition has been moderately revised and re-edited from the original, and includes a newly-written ending.


Book Review

'Tempeh for Two' is book five in Tobias and Kyle's continuing adventures and I was looking forward to reading it. At the end of the previous book, they discovered that the Anax, the ruler over all werewolves in North America, is obviously going insane as he plotted a very devious plan to get Zane and Tobias out of the way. His plan backfired on him though, as Tobias ended up Arkhon for the northeast region and Zane took over as alpha of Tobias's pack. But Tobias knows it isn't over and the annual meeting in California is coming up, and he'll need to be on guard and decide what he's going to do about this threat.

Before Tobias and Kyle even leave for California, the Anax has used compulsion on a werewolf and a human to try to kill them. Tobias and Kyle have no choice but to kill in self-defense, although even that can be twisted by the Anax to look as if what they did was murder. The Anax's insanity is growing worse, and Tobias knows he now has no choice but to challenge him in order to save all of the werewolves. This is going to be their toughest challenge yet, however, as they have no idea who is backing the Anax and whom they can trust.

Arriving in California, the Anax has Kyle immediately taken into custody and does everything he can think of to snub and slight Tobias, hoping Tobias will make an error based on emotion. Tobias is too smart for that though, and he gathers information from other alphas in his region and Arkhons he knows he can trust. It appears that any packs which border Canada, including some in Tobias's region, have had many difficulties with fighting, and every time they've approached the Anax, he's told them to stop being childish and he's compelled them not to tell Tobias. I have to tell you that when all the discussion was going on about the Canadian packs and their Anax, a little voice in the back of my head kept chanting, “Blame Canada! Blame Canada!” Okay, sorry. Too much South Park. *grins*

Very, very, exciting finale to a series that I've enjoyed. I do believe that this final chapter has been my favorite and leaving this world and its characters is easier now that I know all are safe. A series I began because of the silly concept of a vegan werewolf, and I kept reading because I really adored Kyle and Tobias. Thank you, Karenna, it's been a wild ride.






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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 264 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 11-January-2024
Price $4.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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