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The Nobleman and the Knave (A Once Upon a Future Story) by Pelaam at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Royalty/Nobility / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 24-January-2024

Book Blurb

Timon wishes for the day when his dominating and demanding sister Leah is finally married to the rich and darkly handsome Sir Jocelyn. Then Timon dreams of being free to travel and live his own life.

Agapito is destined to be a sex slave for Jocelyn, but Agapito’s prayers are answered when the dashing Timon buys him instead.

When Timon rescues Agapito, he has no idea what changes to his life the act of charity will bring. Agapito is as beautiful as he is enigmatic, and friendship between them soon becomes love.

But one man still stands between them and happiness. Sir Jocelyn lives a dual life -- as a businessman with influence and a fiancée, and as a sexual taskmaster with a cruel streak. As Timon and Agapito discover, Jocelyn is as dangerous as he is dissolute.



First edition published at Silver Publishing, September 2011.

Second edition published at Fireborn Publishing, December 2015.


Book Review

'The Nobelman and the Knave' by Pelaam includes all of the elements of a fairy tale romance—two people in love, trials that threaten to separate them, and a villain determined to destroy them. As in any fairy tale, with love and perseverance, good overcomes evil and they are able to have the happy ending they deserve.

I found the names of the main characters interesting; Agapito, which means beloved, and Timon, which means honorable, both of which are especially appropriate for these two lovers. It's love at first sight for them, as Timon acts as Agapito's knight in shining armor, coming to his aid and rescuing him from the evil Sir Josslyn. Agapito is the proverbial damsel in distress who honors his savior with his undying love and affection. Their love making is the ultimate act of sensuality; Agapito and Timon don't have sex, they worship each other's bodies, reaffirming their love each time they come together. Their loyalty and devotion are unshakeable as they fend off and attempt to defeat the evil Sir Josslyn who would enslave them both.

Agapito is a gentle, polite, and graceful young man. He treats everyone with a great deal of respect and understands the importance of a supportive family. He's also a very good judge of character. He realizes from the start that Timon is a man he can trust and most probably fall in love with. Timon views Agapito as an angel, a special gift he's been given, to be honored and cherished. Being with them for any length of time is like basking in the light of their undying love. Anyone can see that they belong together and those close to Timon are more than willing to help them stay safe.

'The Nobelman and Knave' is a good book to curl up with when you need to get away from the real world and wrap yourself up in the fantastical world of yesteryear, a world where good always overcomes evil and all things are possible with love.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 142 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 21-January-2024
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